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Custom Illustration

You see it every day. Ads, websites, commercials, social posts, all with the same boring images purchased from some stock house. These images go by in a blur. Unnoticed. Unloved. Unmotivating and unengaging.

That’s why at Normal Bear we do custom work. Your brand is unique, why shouldn’t the imagery as well?

Sure, an illustration might catch the eye. But when it’s stock, that eye signals to the brain, “I’ve seen this before. It’s that same old company I have no interest in.”  Ouch!

Instead of, “Wow, that looks interesting! I wonder what it’s about.”

Which response do you want? Which response is going to move them through your sales funnel from awareness to purchase?

Custom illustration can:

  • Be uniquely associated with your business
  • Accurately reflect your brand
  • Convey the intended message
  • Represent a complex idea
  • Represent and reinforce your value proposition

Custom illustration is a way to strengthen and add value to your brand, and the benefits far outweigh the risks of using uninspired and uninspiring stock imagery that just might be used by your competitors.


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