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CTV Advertising

Maybe you buy broadcast TV ads. If that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out. You’re bearly (see what I did there?) scratching the surface of your potential audience.

Connected television (CTV) advertising is coming to the forefront of effective marketing campaigns. CTV could be the missing piece that helps you develop an effective and memorable omnichannel advertising strategy.

The latest figures say 90% of American adults are using the internet. Without CTV, you’re missing another chance to reach your prospective customers.

CTV advertising reaches multiple platforms, including TVs, computers, tablets and mobile devices. We use a data-driven approach to:

  • Target viewers with CTV marketing, by defining relevant audience segments.
  • Bid on inventory across a range of networks so we can pair your brand with premium video content like popular shows and movies to optimize engagement.
  • Use programmatic methods like retargeting and contextual targeting and automated bidding, we can spread your ad to a larger audience faster.
  • Spread your influence across multiple channels for an omnichannel marketing strategy that reaches more viewers.
  • Track who sees your ads and engages with you later. And if adjustments are needed, they can be done quickly and easily.

And CTV offers options like retargeting, lookalike modeling, contextual targeting, geolocation, and behavioral targeting, which gives you many more choices than traditional TV advertising.

CTV ads can be placed on many the major streaming services, including Hulu, Roku, SlingTV and Vudu, as well as major networks like Disney. And the list is expanding all the time.

It’s the new normal that’s also breaking boundaries, which is what we do at Normal Bear.


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