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Your Website is a tool and an expensive one at that, if you’re not maintaining it or leveraging it to it’s full potential you’re not taking advantage of that honeypot you worked so hard for.

Our Website management team has the experience to fully utilize the potential of your site and to ensure it stays running day in and day out.

Your website is most effective when it is actively engaging with your potential clients with relevant content and valuable information. At Normal Bear we strive to make sure that it is easy quick and effecient to update your site for anything the day may hold, adding pertinent material and updating outdated data.

But perhaps even more important than just having relevant content is having a website that works and works well. A 2 second increase in page load time can result in twice as many bounces regardless of how engaging your landingpage is, and each second taken off of load time is another page to interest that potential client.1 Our team can make your website load up to 10x faster, using optimization techniques and speed testing software, and monitoring you performance on a regular basis.

Last but most certainly not least is security. During 2019, we saw that over 60% of websites were vulnerable to hackers2, meaning they will be compromised if a malware script runs on it, and if you have clients information on your site you are liable for it, so keep it safe. Our team members are experts at keeping hackers out by protecting your website with login security, IP blocking, security scanning, and firewalls. If a hacker tries to compromise your site, we’re notified immediately, and lock them out for good.


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