1. About us

About us

Our Vision

At Normal Bear Media, our vision is to hone in on what really matters to our clients – to both simplify and disrupt the marketing landscape and enable them to reach their full potential.

How? We enrich every brand we touch. And while our name might be Normal, we turn that word on its head, using what others consider “normal” marketing as nothing more than a stepping stone to what’s next. 

We strengthen and enhance every brand we work with. Because we’re far smarter than the average bear.


About Normal Bear

Scott Johnson, a third generation entrepreneur, started Normal Bear after a career in marketing that he saw as impersonal and formulaic – more concerned with upselling instead of producing the promised results.

He couldn’t bear that. So he created Normal Bear Media.

Normal Bear isn’t only for large companies looking to hand things off or to supplement their existing teams. You can ask us to do that, and we’ll happily work our magic for you.

But what really makes us roar is the ability to partner with companies that have the potential and desire to grow, collaborating with them to create well-thought-out, targeted, and individualized marketing and business strategies.

And why the bear in our name? Bears have values we admire. They share friendship, resources, and security. They’re also empathetic, joyful, playful, social, and even altruistic. They’re all individuals and have unique personalities. Just like you and your business.

It’s all about being part of your team and building a lasting relationship so that we can enjoy growth together. We want that personal touch. We want to be texting, calling, emailing, and chatting daily, weekly, or whatever works, rather than just sending off a report and an invoice.

Normal Bear asks you how your day is going, and if you hit a goal, we congratulate you. We pay attention. We listen. And we genuinely care.

The same care and attention goes into our staff. We partner with professionals who go the extra mile (after all, a polar bear can swim up to 100 miles without resting) and are excited by and receive personal satisfaction from our client’s achievements.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to redefine “normal.” To set a new standard for marketing that disrupts industries, provides the best possible products and services and does it with unprecedented integrity.

Better Marketing Starts Here

Our marketing team is ready to make your marketing goals a reality.
Let’s see what we can create together.

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