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Video has taken over the marketing industry. Video keeps users engaged longer and therefore are rewarded by online algorithms. Not to mention that they are a good way to explain information that would otherwise be complicated in text.

video production
video production

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Frequently Asked Questions

While every video project is unique, the process generally starts with learning about the type of video you are looking for and the goals you are hoping the video will achieve. At that point we will plan and execute what is needed from writing the script & storyboard, shooting the video, sound effects, music choice, voiceover and editing.

Yes, Once the video is complete and approved, it is yours to use anywhere you’d like.

We can work with your marketing budget to produce a video for you. Talk to us about your goals and objectives and we’ll devise a plan that’s affordable and effective.

While every video project is unique, the process generally involves learning about your goals, writing the script, shooting the video, doing voiceover work, adding logos, etc. Once complete, you will get to review and approve the video.

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