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Birdeye is a versatile platform that excels in reputation management, ensuring a pristine online image. Through its review monitoring and response features, it helps businesses maintain a positive standing in the digital landscape. Birdeye’s digital engagement tools empower organizations to connect with their audience across multiple channels, bolstering their online presence. Lastly, its customer service capabilities streamline communication, making it easier to provide exceptional support and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Benefits of Birdeye

When you choose us, you get all these benefits plus more.

Get Found Online

Rank higher on search, improve Google ad performance, and maintain accurate business listings to drive a steady stream of customers to your digital storefront

Improve Reputation

Stand apart from the online competition with a reputation that speaks for itself. Generate and respond to reviews, boost your star rating, and amplify your reputation on your social channels and website.

Connect Digitally

Reach out and reply to customers everywhere — text, social, webchat, and other high-converting channels. And track conversations through a single inbox for a complete picture of your interactions.

Enhance Customer Experience

Capture, understand, and improve customer feedback in real-time. With AI-powered insights, measuring sentiment and benchmarking performance against competitors is effortless.

Local Business Listing Management

Business Listings

Be found everywhere people search

Create and manage accurate business listings and an online presence across hundreds of sites and online directories.

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Listings Scan Tool

Improve your listings

Find out how accurate your business listings are across Google, Facebook, Bing, and 50+ sites that matter to your customers and to search engines.

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Listings Management Tool

Keep your details in sync

Effortlessly manage, update, and publish vital business info like address, hours, and services from a centralized dashboard.

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Google Business Profile

Stand out on Google

Build accurate and attractive Google Business Profiles for all your locations. Feature your reviews and engage visitors with relevant offers and updates using Google Posts.

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Auto-Generated Business Descriptions

Boost your SEO performance

Improve your SEO ranking and attract more customers with AI-generated business descriptions tailored to Google's algorithm.

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Birdeye Messaging

Turn profile visitors into customers

Respond directly to questions and convert customers who reach out through your website — all from a single inbox.

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Local Listings Analytics

Track and optimize performance

Access a complete library of reports with key metrics on listing performance — like site traffic, call volume, and keyword ranking, and address red flags in real-time.

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Landing Page Software

Branded Pages

Your brand and your style on every page

Display location or provider information, business hours, and online reviews to beautifully-crafted pages that are customized to your branding and website.

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Boost Search Ranking

Dominate SEO

Make it easier for prospects to find you organically. Boost your search rankings on voice assistants, organic searches on Google and local maps.

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Central Data Repository

Accuracy everywhere

Pages includes a centralized data repository to manage and store complete and accurate data for every location or provider. One API updates all of your pages.

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Advanced Search & Geolocator Tools

As local as it gets

Guide customers to the right location by letting them search by city or zip, share their mobile location or use an interactive map.

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Review Management Software

Review Generation Campaigns

Automate your review requests

Minimize effort. Maximize reviews. Pair Birdeye with your CRM to generate hundreds of reviews without lifting a finger.

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Scan to Review

Collect reviews in real-time

Ask for reviews before your customers leave — then send them straight to your favorite review site with a custom QR code.

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AI-Assisted Responses

Reply with AI

Personalize your review replies at scale with help from AI and generate tailored, error-free responses with a single click.

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Review Monitoring

Monitor reviews on 200+ sites

Keep tabs on hundreds of leading review sites from a single dashboard and maintain a spotless reputation wherever customers search.

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Review Management

Engage on autopilot with automated replies

Make sure no review goes unanswered. Reply to reviews at scale with auto-response rules and personalized templates.

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Review Translation

Translate reviews and replies

You don't need a translator to serve multilingual customers. Birdeye Reviews will automatically translate reviews into English — then translate your response in your customer's language.

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Review Widgets

Build trust with website visitors

Keep five-star feedback front and center. Showcase new reviews on your website and turn first-time visitors into repeat customers.

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Review Marketing

Turn reviews into ready-made social content

Stop the never-ending search for social content. Turn your best reviews into powerful posts using our easy-to-use templates.

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Google Seller Ratings

Get more from your Google ads

Use your star rating to supercharge your search ads. Google Seller Ratings help your business convert more customers, get more clicks, and drive more revenue.

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WebChat Software

Live Chat

Connect in real time

Don't wait. Chat with website visitors the moment they reach your site to generate leads, book appointments, conduct virtual consults, and more.

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Chat Bot

Auto respond to customer FAQs

Give your teams the breathing room they need to focus on more complex work with effortless and efficient customer support powered by our AI chatbot, Robin.

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AI Tools

Respond better & faster

Send better quality messages with the help of an AI-writing assistant and quickly share context between agents with AI generated conversation summaries

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Smart Inbox

Control the conversation

Funnel, filter, and organize all web chat conversations into a single inbox based on location, time, or type of conversation.

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Team Assignments

Simplify your team's collaboration

Assign conversations to a team or individual to ensure the right person is following up.

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Stay on top of new leads

Instant notifications let you immediately route new business to the right teams, while the Birdeye Mobile App ensures you're always ready to respond.

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Response Templates

Save time with templates

Birdeye makes it a breeze to craft response templates for common questions and send templated requests for reviews, referrals, and more.

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Rules-Based Auto Replies

Automate chat flows

Set up different welcome messages and auto-replies for when your agents are live, when they are busy, and for off-business hours to keep visitors engaged and informed.

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All your website leads in one place

Quickly convert prospects by sending webform leads directly to your Birdeye Inbox for personalized follow up.

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Lead Capture

Create leads automatically

Focus on the topic at hand instead of fishing for contact details. With Webchat, every conversation starts with a form that captures a name and phone number so you don't have to.

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Text Follow Up

Follow up with ease

Don't miss out on an opportunity just because a visitor abandons the chat. Simply follow up over text when the time is right to stay front of mind.

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Files & Attachments

Make every experience effortless

Resolve customer questions faster by including attachments in your chats including invoices, receipts, screenshots, and more.

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Track chat performance

Get detailed reporting on chat conversations and filter by location or user to understand what's working and where to improve. You can also integrate with Google Analytics and other platforms to go even deeper.

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Customer Referral Software

Referral Campaigns

Automate and scale

Set up rules and behavioral triggers to auto-send referral requests after a new review or payment. Or take control with 1:1 or bulk requests with our easy-to-use campaign manager.

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Referral Templates

Save time with templates

Easily customize your referral templates — from messaging and design, to forms and rewards — for high-converting requests that reflect your brand.

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Referral Rewards

Add rewards to your requests

Boost response rates. Collect more leads. Use reward strategies like cash discounts, gifts, and coupons to maximize referral conversion.

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Referral Sources

Collect referrals on any channel

Make the referral experience easy on your customers. With requests capabilities across email, text, and social, how they share is up to them.

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Connect with new leads

Live notifications give you the ability to connect with new leads quickly — answering questions, scheduling appointments, and converting them into customers.

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Use the apps you love

Pair Referrals with over 3,000 CRMs and PMSs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Dentrix, and more to nurture leads and track conversions and revenue.

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Survey Software

Survey Builder

Create surveys in seconds

Create, test, and modify surveys in just a few clicks. No coding or special skills required.

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Pulse Surveys

Improve open rates

Use text-based survey requests to boost open rates and receive instant responses.

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Survey Campaigns

Send requests on autopilot

Reach your audience anytime, anywhere. With our automated survey campaigns, you'll get the feedback you need without any extra effort.

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Issue Resolution

Act on feedback instantly

Use survey data to make things right with unsatisfied customers or request referrals from your biggest fans.

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Drive growth with data

Use AI to get survey summaries and to easily analyze your response data. Learn what your customers love — and where they think your business could improve.

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Business Messaging Software

Business Messaging

Engage customers all day, everyday

Goodbye phone calls. Hello conversations. Run your business on high-converting digital channels and use our AI Chatbot to respond to customers even when you're away.

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Unified Inbox

Manage messages from one inbox

Organize messages by customer and channel. Add notes and flag conversations that need attention. Use BirdAI to rephrase your responses and get quick conversation recaps.

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Customer Management Software

Engage customers at every stage

Collect payments. Build rapport with appointment reminders. Send review, referral, and survey requests. And manage it all through a single platform.

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Birdeye Mobile App

Connect on-the-go

Convenient for you. Timely for your customers. Our mobile app keeps you updated in real time — helping you engage and respond in just a few taps.

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Integrations and Automations

Reach more with less

Plug in to 3,000+ integrations to effortlessly import contacts, auto-sync data, and send automated, trigger-based messages like welcome offers, review requests, and more.

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AI-Powered Customer Experience

BirdAI for Reviews

Elevate your reputation management

Auto-generate contextualized and personalized review responses or rephrase your rough drafts to deliver thoughtful replies in a fraction of the time. Create reputation-defining experiences by automatically translating and responding to reviews in your language of choice.

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BirdAI for Social

Manage your social media like a pro

You don't need a team of content writers and designers to create engaging social media content. Auto-create social posts and images with simple prompts and topics such as upcoming holidays.

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BirdAI for Messaging

Adapt to changing customer expectations

Craft consistent and on-brand messages and conversations thanks to AI-powered response rephrasing. And continue the convo like a pro with AI-generated conversation summaries of past interactions.

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BirdAI powered Webchat

Convert customers instantly with real-time engagement

Effortlessly implement real-time engagement and convert website visitors into customers. Our AI-powered chatbot Robin automatically qualifies website visitors, collects lead details, and converts them into customers on the spot.

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BirdAI Insights

Uncover insights, instantly

Identify top keywords, topics, and themes in your reviews to learn what's working and what isn't. Benchmark yourself against your competitors and understand what their customers are saying better than they do.

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BirdAI for Listings

Boost your SEO performance

Set up your listings right the first time. With AI-generated business descriptions, you can effortlessly boost SEO and attract more customers on day one.

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BirdAI for Surveys

Summarize surveys in a single click

Sort, summarize, and analyze survey responses in a single click. And get granular, sorting across or by questions to quickly find the data you're looking for.

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Birdeye Features

When you choose us, you get all these features plus more.


Automate and scale requests for reviews referrals, and more

Team Chat

Collaborate with teammates through the Birdeye inbox


Collect digital payments with low transaction fees


Connect with popular apps to save time

Mobile App

Grow on-the-go with Birdeye Mobile on iOS and Android

Unlimited Users

Give your entire team access at no extra cost

Unlimited Contacts

Manage your entire customer database in one place

World Class Support

Reach support 24/7 with weekly check-ins to help reach your goals

Birdeye Packages


Improve reputation and rank at the top of local search $389/month/location $300/month/location

  • Rank higher on Google with a steady stream of fresh reviews
  • Monitor reviews from 200+ sites
  • Respond to reviews from one dashboard
  • Share reviews on website and social

  • Create accurate business listings across 60+ directories
  • Monitor performance with rich reporting and dashboards
  • Go live on Google in days with auto-verify

  • Chat leads and customers over text, email social, and webchat
  • Get a unified view of all interactions in one place
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Get everything you need to dominate in your local market Custom Quote

  • Rank higher on Google with a steady stream of fresh reviews
  • Monitor reviews from 200+ sites
  • Respond to reviews from one dashboard
  • Share reviews on website and social

  • Create accurate business listings across 60+ directories
  • Monitor performance with rich reporting and dashboards
  • Go live on Google in days with auto-verify

  • Chat leads and customers over text, email social, and webchat
  • Get a unified view of all interactions in one place

  • Connect over live chat or an automated chatbot
  • Text leads after they leave your site
  • Funnel leads to your inbox for follow up

  • Create and schedule posts across social channels
  • Monitor engagement and brand mentions
  • Track reach, engagement, and audience growth across channels
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can absolutely curate a plan that works for your business, and budget.

Birdeye offers a range of plans designed to meet the needs of local businesses and brands.

The Standard plan is designed to help your organization improve your online reputation and get found online and includes our award-winning Reviews, Listings, and Messaging products.

The Professional plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus Webchat, making it easy for companies to improve their reputation and convert website visitors into customers.

The Premium plan is a configurable plan that allows you to build a package with the Birdeye products that meet your exact needs.

Probably! Birdeye integrates with over 3,000 popular business applications, making it easy to get new reviews, be found online, improve operations, and increase revenue.

Birdeye has helped over 100,000 local businesses boost their online reputation, rank higher on Google, improve the customer experience, and grow revenue.

Birdeye is the highest-rated all-in-one reputation and customer experience platform for local businesses and brands. Over 100,000 businesses use Birdeye’s all-in-one platform to effortlessly manage online reputation, connect with prospects through digital channels, and gain customer experience insights to grow sales and thrive.

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