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Brand Design

Brand design is much more than a logo. Good brand design creates a cohesive look for your business – one that represent your brand’s unique values.

One thing you can’t ignore: Perception is reality.

Don’t leave the public perception of your brand to chance – we’ll build and shape your brand.

Your brand identity is the face of your business and builds credibility and trust with your customers and prospective customers. It also provides the foundation for your advertising and marketing.

This means we forge an identity that perfectly and exquisitely reflects your brand by creating elements that shape your branding design and accurately represent your brand’s personality.

Branding is a complex process, but at Normal Bear, it’s just all in a day’s work.

A strong brand identity gives you a competitive advantage and creates a “halo effect” – customers often favor a line of products because they’ve had a positive experience with a company. We know that this effect correlates to brand strength, brand loyalty, and contributes to brand equity.

We’ll work with you to develop:

  • A logo, or modify your existing one if needed
  • Typography – your brand fonts
  • Brand colors
  • Proper usage of brand elements
  • Style consistency guidelines
  • Other visual elements

A strong, confident brand with a unified brand identity adds clarity to everything you do. Make sure your brand is the brand that comes to mind when someone has a problem you can solve.


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