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Programmatic Advertising

People almost always have their phones with them, which presents an incredible opportunity.

Our geo-fence technology uses unstructured data and a programmatic infrastructure that enables you to customize audiences through custom, precise targeting shapes.

You can drive mobile reach and performance, identify high concentrations of customers, measure online to offline conversions, and more, with granular localization. 

How does geofencing work? We serve smartphone users with custom, on-brand ads that are relevant to them, by creating a virtual perimeter or boundary around the location of your business. Users are then sent an ad that lets them know their nearby.

It’s a vital part of a mobile marketing optimization strategy because:

  • It provides easy customer reach.
  • It allows instant consideration. We can set things up to trigger instant messages that pique a customer’s interest and gives them a nudge to check out the latest deals in your store. About  90% of SMS are read within three minutes — which means geofencing campaigns help consumers make an informed and instant decision.
  • It’s got a great ROI. Using geofencing cuts down on costs because you’re only focusing on local consumers who are likely to buy from you. And the click-through rate for location-based pushed notifications is 10% to 20%, compared to generic push notifications, which is only 2%.

Take your business (and it’s profits) to the next level – let’s talk about how geofencing can work for you.


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