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Social Media Advertising

It’s likely you spend a lot of time on social media, which means you’ve probably seen a lot of ads appear in your feed. A lot of ads that have you scratching your head because you have a cat and you’re seeing ads for dog food, and you’re a woman who’s seeing ads for men’s shaving products.

It’s annoying. And more than that, it’s ineffective and a waste of money. Yet your average ad agency or content mill keeps ‘em coming. That makes us scratch our heads, too.

Because, when used properly, social media advertising has been proven to be the most effective source for brand discovery:

  • 28% of internet users say ads help them find out about new products
  • 42% say they go to social media to find out more about products and services
  • 48% of social media users say they have bought something after seeing an ad

Great stats, right?

But there’s a problem: 44% say they find the ads in their feed irrelevant to their wants and needs. Let’s see. That means more than 1,000,000 (yes, that’s one million!) social media users in the U.S. aren’t seeing what they want to see.

Which creates a great opportunity for you. That’s a lot of eyes for you to capture with relevant, targeted advertising.

At Normal Bear, we don’t just want to reach eyes. We reach the right eyes with the right message. Clever ads with original graphics and a stellar offer. Properly timed ads when your audience is online. Ads that aren’t just, well, ordinary.

Because we’re smarter than the average bear.



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