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Social Media Management

Our approach to social media management is far from normal. Unlike some other agencies, we don’t post just for the sake of posting. We don’t use stock photos and just slap some text on them. We find that sort of thing, frankly, unbearable.

We dig deep into who you are and build a customized total brand image that carries over into everything we do for you. For social media, this means creating custom graphics and copy that’s engaging and impactful. On-brand, recognizable as “you,” and quite memorable, delivered to the right audience, at the right time.

You see, ads are a direct selling tool. We see social media posts as an adjunct tool, an enhancement. We believe social can help move prospective customers through a sales funnel, but it has a more important purpose: engagement. And this isn’t just engagement with new customers, but engagement with your current customers.

Offering current customers information they can use increases loyalty, and shows prospective customers that you care about them after the sale.

Of course, if you’re an ecommerce company, your social media posts may be a bit more sales-y, because we customize our approach for each unique client, but your brand voice will be heard loud and clear so consumers will seek out your social posts long after that great discount has expired.

And we believe in transparency. If  you ever want to know how your ads are doing, you can just check your personalized dashboard that will show you performance in real-time.

We  redefine normal, we defy the common wisdom, and we provide impeccably researched social media management that not only increases sales, but builds your brand voice and authority.


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