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Landing Page Creation

So you’ve got you marketing all set up with targeted emails going out to all your clients and relevant ads on all your socials, but where do the links they contain lead to? A homepage that may or may not address their specific needs? Or do you have  Landing Pages custom created to cater to your leads?

Our team of marketing and design professionals can create the landing pages you need to push your marketing campaign over the top and increase your conversion rate

What is a landing page? Well, by the simplest definition it is whatever page an outside link directly directs to or ‘lands’ on, but when we talk about landing pages, we’re talking about one of the most powerful tools in online marketing: a page specifially designed to receive and convert traffic from your marketing campaign.

Well designed landing pages should convince a potential consumer, and simplify the process, of:

  • Filling out your lead form
  • Calling you
  • Requesting more information
  • Reaching out via chat or text
  • Subscribing to your newsletter or email list
  • Registering for your event
  • Purchasing your product

Every one of these pushes your potential consumers closer to being actual consumers

At Normal Bear we have the experience to create landing pages that suit every campain and push up your ROI. With compelling visuals and relevant content that simplifies your leads conversion process. 


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