Great Bay Spa & Sauna

Pool & Spa Industry

Web Development

Creating a Better Online Presence

Our goal was to build Great Bay a new website from scratch that not only looked and functioned better, but also included key features to give them a competitive edge long into the future. We converted their site to e-commerce so that they would be equipped to sell everything from hot tubs to chemicals easily online. We also completely revamped their hot tub builder feature. While many other hot tub websites have a hot tub builder as a lead generation tool, they often leave customers frustrated when they’re left with yet another form to fill out. To eliminate this, we designed a hot tub builder that provides actual results to customers.

Great Bay Website Preview
Great Bay Website Preview
Great Bay Website Preview Great Bay Website Preview Great Bay Website Preview

Video Production

Welcome to the World of Video

Video is the future of marketing and is key in Great Bay’s vision for growth. From vlogs on their website to full blown commercials, our video team has worked with Great Bay to bring their vision to reality. During the creation of these videos, we use strict attention to detail to reinforce brand messaging across every facet of production, starting from script writing all the way down to final edits. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you are looking to engage with your audience and attain brand recognition, what is a well-crafted marketing video worth to you?

Brand Guidelines

Keeping it Consistent

Our Marketing as a Service clients all get a complimentary brand guideline that allows our team of designers to maintain a consistent look and feel across all mediums. This helps build their brand awareness in their local market with every social post, email, landing page, poster, brochure and much more!

Great Bay Branding Preview
Great Bay Branding Preview Great Bay Branding Preview
Great Bay Branding Preview
Great Bay Branding Preview

Custom Print

Showing Off in the Showroom

With Great Bay, we have been able to use custom print design in a multitude of ways that are continuing to show great benefit. We started off small by designing and printing promotion specific material and moved all the way up to completely redesigning their in-store advertising for their new showroom. With the improvements they made to their new showroom they wanted a complete refresh of their in-store advertising. While most print design is focused on physical locations, we put Great Bay’s advertising on the move with a custom branded vehicle wrap. Now, advertising on the go is as simple as turning a key, hitting the gas, and pointing the wheel in any direction you want to go both literally and metaphorically.

Great Bay Showroom Preview Great Bay Showroom Preview
Great Bay Showroom Preview Great Bay Showroom Preview

Email Marketing

Subject Line Strategy

Email marketing is big in any industry including the hot tub industry. For Great Bay, we designed visually impressive emails that made quick, clear, and direct calls to action for all of their local promotions and sales events. Per our standard practice, we gave them all of the assets from the emails we created. They were then able to create additional emails to really stretch out their ROI. In addition to promotional advertising we also created built-out email lead nurture campaigns that focus on adding value to the customer and keeping in contact for up to 6 months without a conversion and up to a year after the conversion.

Great Bay Email Preview
Great Bay Email Preview

Social Media Management

Leading The Industry

With Great Bay Spa & Sauna we saw an opportunity to overhaul their social media presence. This included not only more posting, but better posting. What does that mean? We all know that advertising is an attention economy. It is important to get in front of as many people as possible, as often as possible. We shifted the focus of their content and posts to be value added to the customer above all else. Posting for them frequently enough to stay relevant, while keeping the trust of the audience by providing tons of information, blog posts, how to guides, and more.

Great Bay Social Media
Great Bay Social Media
Great Bay Social Media

Measured Results

Looking at the Numbers

68% Increase in Traffic
45% More Social Engagement
41% More Conversions

Davis Property & Investment

The team at Davis Property & Investment came to us with a few goals in mind. They wanted a logo that celebrated their 25th year in business. Along with that milestone they tasked us with developing a website that reflected their professionalism in the industry. Our creative team worked with Davis to not only deliver their new and improved look, but also updated their website and started to implement their new branding into custom print projects for their upcoming events.

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