The pressure is on brands to fine-tune their messaging and lean into authenticity and transparency if they want to stay relevant. Things aren’t slowing down as we continue to barrel into 2023 like Kool-Aid man into an unsuspecting building. Marketers need to look to the future, learn about upcoming trends, and begin adapting their strategies accordingly. 

Social Media and Influencer Marketing Trend Predictions

Social media and influencers have been key components of many brands’ digital marketing strategies for years, but things might not be so simple in 2023. Here’s what you can expect to see this year:

Tiktok Continues to Evolve and Dominate

Business adoption of TikTok is only going to grow in 2023. Thankfully, the platform is adding and improving its targeting and advertising features daily, and it will continue to be a robust marketing venue for brands.

Decentralizing Social Media to Create a “Super App”

On the other hand, people want more control over the content they access, and they’re increasingly concerned with how their data is used. Decentralized social media platforms claim to be an alternative that addresses both of these concerns. 

One example of this is the upcoming Bluesky, which promises to deliver a platform-independent social media experience. While the future of decentralization is uncertain, brands should keep a close eye on this trend.

The “Creator Economy” Will Grow and Change

Recent years have seen a shift away from lead and sales generation, focusing instead on brand awareness and engagement. 2023 will see further deviance from outdated marketing tactics and highlight genuine relationships between brands and content creators.

Additionally, as Gen Z pivots away from the notoriety of superficial, high-profile influencers, marketing teams will turn to subject matter experts and user-generated content to build authority and authenticity.

B2B Marketing Trend Predictions

B2B marketing is changing just as much as consumer-facing strategies, so stay on top of these trends to stand out from your competitors:

Video, Video, and More Video 

Once a differentiator, video has gone mainstream for the overwhelming majority of companies. As such, it will be nearly impossible to compete without video in 2023, and the use of video in B2B marketing will see a particularly noticeable increase. 

Empower Teams to Use Social Selling

Human connection has always been the most powerful aspect of sales. Social media is the perfect place for brands to build these connections, and companies that empower sales teams to use social media to connect and build relationships will see marked success over those that insist on exerting 100% control over messaging.

An Appetite for Curated Content

Curated content is often seen as a way to make a business’s content offerings more robust when there isn’t time to create original content. This is true, but curated content shouldn’t be considered a poor substitute. Instead, it’s an excellent engagement tool that allows brands to start conversations and share relevant information.

Content Marketing Trend Predictions

Marketing content has historically come across as intrusive and pushy. But as user choice reigns supreme, brands are evolving their content to be more engaging. Here’s what else you can expect in 2023:

Use Content to Drive Connections

As people become more invested in the values and character of brands, content marketing shouldn’t solely focus on driving people through the sales funnel. Instead, content that builds community is just as important.

Refine and Define Creator/Brand Partnerships

In 2023, brands and content creators will continue to work together, but the partnerships will evolve. Brands will provide more guidance to influencers, and long-term relationships will become the norm.

Balance Your Content to Offer Value and Not Just Sell

The 80/20 rule of content may be a bit outdated, but the concept of balanced content is as relevant as ever. Discerning consumers expect content that adds value, rather than simply selling them something.

Marketing Automation Trend Predictions

Thanks to evolving technology, marketing automation allows brands to collect and use data more efficiently. Here’s how to make the most of automation in 2023:

A Shift to Signal-Based Marketing

Signal-based marketing uses data to predict what customers want and then provides it to them. This is a step forward from traditional data analysis that focuses on behavior and interests.

Importance of Automation Tools

The right automation tools can put brands at a significant advantage. They can be used to send personalized communications to customers based on recent behavior. Additionally, automation tools can be used to handle internal tasks that are often monotonous but also necessary.

Looking Forward

There are two primary concepts that are reflected in almost every emerging digital marketing trend: authenticity and customer experience. Brands that keep these values in mind when crafting their digital strategies are most likely to make positive strides in 2023.