WordPress is rolling out its latest update, version 6.4, on November 7th, and it’s set to bring some remarkable changes that will supercharge website performance.

Faster Page Loads With Intelligent Script Handling

One of the standout features of WordPress 6.4 is its revamped approach to loading scripts on the front end of your website. In the past, JavaScript files embedded in WordPress themes and plugins used to be loaded without specifying whether they should load asynchronously. This led to these scripts blocking other downloads and causing delays in page rendering as they were fetched and executed.

But fear not, because with the 6.4 update, those days are behind us. WordPress has incorporated new script loading strategies into its core and bundled themes, which means scripts will now load more intelligently. Specifically, they’ll load with ‘defer’ and ‘async’ attributes, which are like magic spells for speeding up your website.

What Does ‘Defer’ and ‘Async’ Mean?

The ‘defer’ attribute tells your browser to load scripts in the background, allowing the rest of your page to load without any interruptions. On the other hand, ‘async’ tells your browser to load scripts after the initial page content has loaded, ensuring that your website becomes interactive more quickly. These attributes are like having a fast-pass ticket for your website’s performance.

How WordPress Achieved This

You might be wondering how WordPress pulled off this impressive feat. Well, it all started with version 6.3, which introduced a dedicated API to control script loading. In version 6.4, this API is fully implemented, giving developers a standardized way to control when their scripts load.

Additionally, the update has moved the most deferred scripts back into the <head> section of your website. This change allows your browser to discover and cache these scripts earlier in the loading process, which ultimately improves performance.

A few lower-priority scripts, such as the one for comment replies, will remain in the footer but will load asynchronously with ‘async,’ running in parallel with other resources. It’s all about making sure your website feels smooth and snappy for your visitors.

Real-World Impacts For Website Visitors

So, what does all of this mean for your website visitors? Well, in a nutshell, it means they’re in for a faster and smoother experience. After updating to WordPress 6.4, your pages will load faster, and there will be less of that annoying “jank” or shifting around of page elements after the initial page appears. It’s a win-win for both you and your audience.

Moreover, these changes are just the beginning. They lay the groundwork for even more exciting optimizations in the future, ensuring that your WordPress website continues to stay ahead of the curve.

WordPress 6.4 is all about making your website perform better, load faster, and provide a seamless experience for your visitors. So get ready. Your website’s speed and performance are about to reach new heights!