Google Ads has been an invaluable product for businesses and marketing agencies to utilize when posting online ads. The online advertising program is excellent for promoting a business, raising brand awareness, and increasing website traffic to help sell a company’s products or services.

However, some users have found the platform to be challenging when managing lead form extensions, a crucial component for helping companies reach their customers more effectively. And with today’s consumers wanting to be more connected to businesses than ever, it is essential for companies to build and maintain those customer relationships.

A significant contributing factor to this shift in behavior is COVID-19 and the impact it has had on retail businesses and online shopping. According to a recent Google/Ipsos survey, since the onset of COVID-19, nearly one out of three consumers would rather buy from a company that offers a variety of different ways to reach them. Reinforcing the fact that consumers want to hear from businesses.

To help alleviate this issue and connect businesses to its shoppers more effectively, Google Ads has introduced new lead form extensions that will produce a lead form directly on an advertisement. This upgrade allows an ad viewer to click on an ad and easily share his/her contact information with the advertiser, allowing companies to generate more qualified leads.

Additionally, Google Ads made lead form extensions shareable across Search, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns. This makes the publishing process easier and less time consuming when creating and sharing lead form extensions across multiple ad campaigns. The new lead forms also include over fifty available questions to help companies customize its lead forms to better target its customers.

As a marketing agency offering PPC advertising, Normal Bear Media finds tremendous value with the upgraded lead form extensions. Google Ads new lead form extensions will be incredibly useful when managing ads across Search, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns. Not long ago, Facebook made a similar upgrade with its inline lead forms, which Normal Bear found to be extremely beneficial for reducing drop offs and generating higher-quality leads for its clients. Normal Bear has already started using the new lead form extensions through Google Ads for several of its clients’ campaigns, and are quickly noticing the benefits offered with the upgrade.

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