Normal Bear Media is incredibly excited and honored to announce that we’re on the leaderboard for HubSpot’s Rookie of the Year award for 2021. Each year, HubSpot recognizes its outstanding solutions partners for the exceptional work they’ve done for their clients.

“HubSpot essentially coined the term ‘inbound marketing’ and has curated a tremendous product that offers help to companies big and small with first-class marketing, sales, and customer service tools,” says Normal Bear owner Scott Johnson.

HubSpot is ubiquitous in inbound marketing and has won more than a few awards of its own from more than 100,000 customers who use the platform to organize, track and nurture lead and customer relationships, as well as power their campaigns and communication.

A place on the leaderboard for the Rookie of the Year award is no small feat. The platform is growing in leaps and bounds with thousands of new partners yearly. Normal Bear was one of only 20 partners added to the leaderboard. The judging criteria was based on the partner from each region with the highest sum of sold monthly recurring revenue from eligible deals.

HubSpot’s popularity is no accident. “It’s an extremely versatile and dialed-in marketing tool,” says Scott. “They have an extraordinary customer-first mentality that matches our own, and an award-winning customer care team.”

Training is another area where HubSpot shines, says Scott. “They offer best-in-class training on their software as well as other tools used by both marketers and sales teams alike, which makes it a valuable training tool.”

Like HubSpot, we’re dedicated to providing expert services to businesses large and small. “We are excited and proud to have been recognized by HubSpot as one of the Rookie of the Year nominees and look forward to growing this segment of our business to better serve our clients.”

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