New Website Alert alert!

Entering 2020, Global Advisor Group was in the position for a marketing uplift, beginning with a completely new and updated brand, logo, and of course, a new website.

Logo, and Branding


Design Brief:

Create a logo for Global Advisor Group, a mid-sized, financial services firm that originated in 1999. Founded to help the international educator community living abroad better prepare for their future. After talking with the founder, they made it clear that they wanted a logo that was simple and professional while representing both sides of their business.

While Global was founded for the purpose of helping international educators they also have many local clients that they want to make sure they appeal to as well.
The main things that were important to the Global team was using the G and having the imagery of the globe.

Designing the logo:

We sent the Global team a group of icons that they could look to for inspiration and we wanted to gauge their feelings towards our initial ideas for their logo. Once they had given us their favorite options we were able to get started on the first set of logo options.

After many meetings and revisions, we were able to come up with something that the whole Global Advisor team was excited about.

Global Advisor Group Stationary Package

The Website

The financial management firm needed a website that could be easily accessible, simple to navigate, and provide the look and feel users could trust. With Global Advisor Group offering a variety of financial management services, the website had to have the functionality and aesthetics to capture the interest and confidence of its viewers. Normal Bear Media collaborated with Global Advisor Group to design, build, and manage a website that incorporated everything Global Advisor Group required.

The new and improved website provides users, both domestic and international, with a comprehensive dashboard of every financial service offered by Global Advisor Group. The website’s new homepage allows for easy navigation between services and a summary of each service with the ability to request additional information. The upgraded layout lets their clients find exactly what they need with minimal effort. Along with an improved homepage, the new site allows users to view the company’s team members and custodians, read informative blogs, and have access to a resources page, which includes a glossary and FAQ section.

The website is built on a WordPress content management system (CMS) platform, allowing website owners, editors, and authors to manage the website and publish content without any programming knowledge. Normal Bear Media also made the website to be fully search engine optimized (SEO) and GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliant to oversee viewership and ensure website security. Along with everything else, Normal Bear’s web services team enabled the new site to be fully responsive and compatible on all commonly used devices and browsers.

Additional services Normal Bear Media provided to Global Advisor Group include:

  • Graphic design / custom illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stationary package
  • Print services

About Global Advisor Group

Global Advisor Group is a U.S-based firm that provides financial planning and wealth management services in all 50 states and 106 countries across the globe. The company’s team of advisors provide expertise in asset consolidation, education planning, estate planning, investment management, retirement longevity planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, institutional and foundation planning, and group retirement plans for international employees.  All Global Advisor Group’s experienced advisors use their knowledge to help with the financial planning needs of the United States and international educational institutions, expatriate Americans, and foreign nationals with integrity, objectivity, and perspective.

For more information about Global Advisor Group, visit the newly launched website here: