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12 Graphic Design Trends to Watch for 2021

With lockdowns forcing closures of retail locations and schools, and more people working from home, its had a significant impact on the online world. There’s been huge growth in the distance learning, online shopping, and entertainment sectors, which means both...

The Importance of Branding: Make Yours Stand Out

Build a Brand and Watch It Grow You might not be Nike (Just Do It) or the California Milk Processing Board (Got Milk?), but defining your brand is important for companies large and small. At Normal Bear, we say we redefine normal brands, but what exactly does that...

Website Design Trends for 2021

9 Fresh Website Design Trends and 3 That Are Obsolete for 2021   Website design trends come and go – what was once modern and innovative may now be cliché and boring, so users leave your site as fast as they entered. This means it’s vital to keep up with the...

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